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Pseudo block device tricks in Linux with devmapper!
Linux's device mapper framework allows for some fun and exciting possibilities in creating pseudo block devices! Think about it: combining sections of several harddrives, perhaps a CD block device, and even a parts of or a whole floppy diskette into one logical block device, ready for you to encrypt and mount! It's like loopback mounting on steroids!
QoS/Traffic shaping in Linux
A brief introduction and small recipes to implementing QoS in Linux with TBF scheduling.
Diskless Linux network booting/clustering
Full HOWTO on Booting Linux on a diskless machine over TCP/IP utilizing PXE. Setup your diskless cluster today!
Remotely converting a running Linux system to Debian
We can remotely format and install Debian on a running linux system with any other distribution.
Quick introduction to Linux firewalling with netfilter (iptables)